Want to offer your customers a unique experience?

We’re always looking for new innovative products to showcase to our guests in the restaurant, and particularly products that drive sustainability, that are organic, that are healthy and this is a perfect match for them.

It’s high level, it’s a premium product and absolutely beautiful.”

Zack Charilaou

Restaurant Director, M Restaurants

Good for you, good for your customers

Consumer research has shown that now more than ever beverage choices are being driven by health priorities. This has resulted in consumers expecting more from the beverages they consume. Here at the Purity Coffee Company we have developed a product that doesn’t just taste great, it makes a difference to energy levels, health and wellbeing.

Our tailor made subscription plans now enable businesses to share the wellness benefits of CBD infused drinks with their customers too.

Many of our wholesale partners include:

    • Speciality cafes and restaurants
    • Farm shops and other independent retail shops
    • Hemp & CBD retail shops
    • Health and wellness clubs and boutiques
    • Grocery and natural food markets


Introducing our coffee plan

Tailor your plan

Personalise your coffee plan to suit you and your customers needs. No machine? No problem. We can supply you with a machine free of charge to go with your coffee pods.

Enjoy free delivery
We deliver your coffee to you when you want it and you save on shipping.
Stay in Control
Amend, pause or even cancel your subscription at any time to suit you

We have sourced a range of unique Coffee blends and can also offer our unique CBD-Infused Coffee Pod kits. 

Please fill out the form for more information on products, CBD or any other services we may assist you with.

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