Organic CBD Coffee Pods


The perfect partnership of therapeutic and mood-enhancing benefits, Purity Coffee Company’s CBD coffee pods. An organic blend of our cannabinoid-rich Hemp Flowers with hand-roasted Italian Arabica Coffee beans. We deliver an incredible medium roast packed full of flavour and the health benefits of CBD. Designed for the Nespresso* coffee machine, 14 pods per tin, 5mg CBD per pod.


250g, 500g

CBD Coffee at its very best
Crafted by third generation Italian Roasters with the only 100% of the finest Arabica Coffee beans. Ground Coffee is mixed with cold pressed freshly harvested hemp leaves and flowers and immediately dry freezed for maximum taste and quality. Our pods are designed for Nespresso* coffee machines.

Caffeine and CBD are actually quite similar, as they both act to elevate your mood. Caffeine while energizing also helps circulate the healing properties of CBD into the body turning any feelings of fatigue or anxiety into an invigorating day, all while you enjoy the velvety, nutty taste.

Let this superb pairing provide you with an increase in energy and alertness as well as a sense of calm and clarity. It’s a perfectly balanced combination.

At Purity Coffee Company, we strive to consistently source the best organic ingredients in the most environmentally conscious ways possible. Try it today and enjoy a product dedicated to providing the very best, one cup at a time. All our products are 100% THC free, third party tested and certified.

Always store your Purity Coffee Company products out of direct sunlight and keep out of the reach of children and animals. For 18+ only. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. FSA recommends no more than 70mg of CBD be consumed a day unless recommended by a medical professional.

*Nespresso is a third party brand name with no connection to Purity Wellness Group.


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CBD infused coffee Pods

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