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Infuse your morning ritual

Coffee Club – coming soon!

Feel focused but calm with our great tasting coffee and teas – enjoy all the health benefits of CBD beverages from the comfort of your own home!

Design your plan, choose coffee, tea or both, add a machine if you need one – and we’ll take care of the rest!

Launching soon – get notified when we launch….

Our CBD Infused Beverages

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Machine & Coffee Pods

12 Month Plan

No machine – no problem! Purchase your Nespresso machine for just £50 initial cost, then spread the remaining cost across your 12 month plan!

Pick how many coffee pods you want each month for your coffee-plan.


Enjoy free-delivery every month!
+ get 20% off our full CBD product range

Change your coffee-plan based on your consumption at any time.

CBD Coffee Subscriptions 2

Coffee Pods Only

Monthly Plan

Pick how many coffee pods you want each month.


Enjoy free-delivery every month!
+ get 20% off our full CBD product range

Pause or cancel at any time

Change your coffee-plan based on your consumption at any time.

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Tailored to you...

How Your Coffee Plan Will Work


Personalise your plan to suit your coffee and machine needs


Start enjoying our delicious cold pressed CBD coffee - delivered straight to your door every month!


Our subscriptions can be changed or paused anytime, just get in touch with our team.

Benefits of CBD Coffee

Let this superb pairing of premium Italian Arabica coffee infused with our Organic CBD provide you with an increase in energy and alertness as well as a sense of calm and clarity.


Numerous studies show a wealth of health benefits when caffeine and CBD are infused together. Caffeine while energising also helps circulate the healing properties of CBD around the body. Positive effects reported include reduced anxiety, pain relief and better sleep.

1 shot of CBD coffee = 5mg of CBD oil

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Why choose Purity Coffee Co?

Support Your Wellness

Add a little drop of wellness to your cup and start enjoying the many health benefits CBD can bring!  Feel focused but calm, improve blood flow and ease aches and pains…

20% off other products

As one of our loyal customers, we offer you 20% off all our other products over at Purity Hemp Co, helping you reach even higher wellness goals!

Your Coffee, Your Way

Tailor your coffee plan to suit your needs, include a machine or add in our delicious CBD-infused teas too!

Purchase Sustainably

At Purity Hemp Company® we take our responsibility to the planet seriously.  We grow our own crops so our products are traceable from seed to cup. Plus all our packaging is recyclable and/or bio degradable. 

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Traceable from Seed to Cup

At Purity Hemp Company® we believe in the complete traceability of all our products from seed to shelf.  We are one of the few UK CBD companies that grow our own,  high quality, selection of hemp strains, which we have been using for over fifteen years. 

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Learn more about our organic farm!

On our farm we use a combination of nutrient-rich soil and innovative farming processes which means we can avoid the use of synthetic pesticides or harmful chemicals. Our sustainable and quality assured farming processes allow us to create award-winning pure and organic products – to help improve life as nature intended!

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Eco-friendly products and packaging!

All our products have been produced and packaged with through to the environment and planet we live in.  We only use packaging that is recyclable or/and bio degradable.

Launching soon…

Coffee Club

Get notified when we launch…


CBD infused coffee Pods

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